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Label your label

Labels are one of the most important branding and communication tools. They turn your ideas into branded fashion and are the primary means of communicating important information such as garment fabric and care instructions. We can make your labels truly reflect the quality and the attention that went into the production of your garment.

Increase brand recognition by adding your brand to your products. We offer a variety of thread and material options to communicate your brand with high-quality woven labels, and completely custom printing for printed fabric labels.

Entice consumers with promotional labels. Removable pressure sensitive labels are used to provide useful information externally on products. They are effective in promoting special features and providing size information in convenient locations.

Enhance your branding inside stores with swing tags. Swing tags are an essential point of purchase tool used to provide space for information such as prices, barcodes and stock codes. More importantly, they are used to promote your brand. Our swing tags can incorporate stickers for excellent promotional value.